Septic Tanks

Founded in 1989, Pembina Cement Products Ltd. manufactures and distributes CSA-certified concrete septic tanks to clients across Alberta, English Columbia and Saskatchewan. We also carry a listing of related pumps and domestic plumbing equipment. Our type of concrete products also includes holding tanks, garage area sumps, retaining walls and concrete statues. A holding tank only holds sewage; it does not leach away in to the ground. The fish tank has only 1 compartment therefore it can hold only a restricted amount of sewage. Then your sewage must be pumped out by a vacuum truck and sent to a municipal treatment system. Obviously, because positioning tanks do not process sewage, they have to be serviced a lot more frequently than septic tanks.
Our non-traffic graded precast concrete septic reservoir sizes range between to 300 to 3,500 gallons. Our traffic-rated precast cement septic container sizes range between 600 to 8,000 gallons. Single Compartment , Two Compartment , and Three Compartment tanks as well as custom tanks are also available. Just click here for our Quick research tank dimension sheet.
Precast concrete products reach the work site ready to mount, which can save weeks on assembling your project timeline. Precast concrete reduces the necessity for skilled labor on site, lessens the website footprint, reduces building waste and significantly reduces site noise. There is no need to order raw materials such as reinforcing material and concrete, and no time wasted establishing forms, placing reinforcement, pouring concrete, dodging bad weather or waiting for concrete to cure.
Every product we make is cast from the same premium quality, high power (50N/mm2) concrete. Breaking is usually experienced with concrete septic tanks when heavy vehicles run them over. Cracks in the fish tank occur if the type of concrete used for the fish tank is of poor composition. From the breaks, leaks can occur and damage the earth around it. Destroyed soil may become a risk to health.
Weight: A solid concrete ensemble makes our tanks extremely heavy, this ensures the tank won't float” to the surface over time, like some lighter weight tanks can do. Floating is a huge problem, specifically from plastic tanks. These items require anchoring preparation through the installation process because they're naturally buoyant. Concrete doesn't have this issue, the material is heavy and stays on put for years.concrete septic tank prices

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